Best Practices Database Services
How do you find best practices from among your firms so you can spread them to your other firms?  How do you know which practices are unreasonably inefficient?  How do you measure your success in getting your firms to become as efficient as reasonably possible?

The answer is a best practices database.  Now you can find such databases around, but are they really applicable to you?  Does the data come from your industry?  Does it come from legal departments that share your views on law cost management?  The reality is you can't really find out, but if you did, our guess is that you would find the sources not sufficiently similar to yourself to be of much value.

In practice the best database is one you create based on your actions, your law firms and your matters.  And we can create one for you.

Using your bills from the prior 12 month period or from your last fiscal year, we will create a database against which you can measure the efficiency of your law firms and, if you desire, the partners within the law firms.  If you wish we can also measure these efficiencies by in-house manager.  This database will also guide your reviews of current bills by indicating what issues, firms and/or partners to focus on, and to set standards against which matters and individual lawyers can be assessed.

You will be able not only to identify inefficient firms or partners but also the most efficient ones, who can serve as a best practices standard to which you manage your other firms.  The database can also serve to measure the success of your management efforts.

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