The Virtual Law Cost Manager

Our Virtual LawCost Manager permits you to add, in effect, on a temporary basis a dedicated law cost manager to your staff without increasing your headcount. 

Our emphasis is on execution: that is, on identifying and acting upon opportunities for savings whether presented by your firms, your department or your businesses, in order to lower your legal costs quickly and dramatically.   Of course you can rest assured that we take no action prior to a full discussion with you of our recommendations.
Think of our efforts as a "full court press."

The Virtual LawCost Manager will be "on your staff" for 24 months, subject to your right to terminate early if results are not produced quickly.

And, while we are "on staff",  we will train both your firms and your people how to manage your matters for efficiency as well as quality so that when we leave you will be well positioned to maintain and extend the savings we have achieved with your presently existing in-house resources.

See also Four Easy Pieces.

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