Matter Review Services

Some people call legal bill reviews "legal audits". But if you understand the term "audit" to mean a nitpicking review of legal bills to uncover venal, overreaching or wrongful behaviors, then "that's not them."

Our Matter Review Services are management exercises. Even where your objective is determining whether a particular legal bill should be adjusted, managing legal costs need not be, and should not be, a confrontational exercise between lawyer and client. 

A Matter Review identifies the precise behaviors that acted to increase unnecessarily the legal costs associated with a particular matter.  It provides you with the information you need as a manager.  Our Matter Reviews foster discussions with your firms centered on facts and reasons, rather than emotional conclusory accusations.  Discussions following one of our Matter Reviews are collegial rather than confrontational. 

A Matter Review is a powerful, effective, bottom-line oriented legal cost control technique to achieve the legal bill adjustments to which you are entitled in a manner that preserves and fosters a healthy, close lawyer-client relationship.

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