Advanced Training for Paralegals

If you have paralegals on staff, we strongly advocate that you consider giving them the laboring oar with respect to your law cost management.  Not only can our In-House Seminars provide them with the training they will need, but we can supplement those Seminars with our Advanced Training.

 Our Advanced Training  consists of 2 three-hour sessions.  In the first session one hour is devoted to attorneys Paralegals may have the laboring oar, but attorneys still have to remain at the helm so will have to have an understanding of what their role is to be.  The remaining  two hours of the first session and the entire three hours of the second session are devoted exclusively to paralegals. 

The paralegal training is conducted in a workshop fashion with materials consisting of your legal bills.  It focuses on identifying issues in your legal bills.  In addition they will learn how to integrate their findings in one bill with findings in other bills from that matter, in other bills from that law firm and in other bills from other law firms.   And we will discuss their learning from each other and sharing  thoughts and opinions to assure all your paralegals reinforce the messages they are each providing to your firms.  Finally we will discuss interfacing with in-house lawyers and outside counsel with respect to law cost management issues. 

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