In-House Law Cost Management Seminars

A successful and effective legal cost control management effort must be one that devotes less and less time to the management of legal costs! This is because the goal of the effort must be to manage your firms to the point that they focus on cost efficiency issues with the same intensity they devote to quality issues. Once that occurs, clearly you can and should reduce the level of management resources you have deployed.

But when your lawyers would rather walk barefoot over burning coals than manage outside legal costs, how do you motivate them to manage outside legal costs?

And how do you effectively manage outside legal costs without adversely affecting the lawyer/client relationship?

Very few legal departments are lavishly staffed. How do you efficiently manage legal costs without permitting the substantive legal needs of your company to suffer?

Must all the work of managing legal costs be assigned to your lawyers? How can paralegals, accountants and secretaries assist in your legal cost management effort?

And if you have pinned your hopes on a software system,  how will your people use its huge output of information?  Will they know where to begin? Will they know what the important issues are and how to ferret them out from the mountain of data in your system?   

Our LawCost Management Seminars will address all these issues and more!
They are conducted on-site.  When it's convenient for you. And, the workshop portion of the Seminars uses your bills as training aides.  Please review the Syllabus for the Seminars.

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